Call Me Maybe


It’s the end of April and he STILL hasn’t called!

MOM got so tired of waiting for Buhrock to call and congratulate him on all the things he did to the citizens of Maryland, that he flew off to Israel.  He didn’t really know why he chose to go to Israel other than to score some great frequent flyer points.

Here’s MOM in his Israeli hotel room, talking to some hand-picked and pre-screened “reporters:”

“I’m sure all of you will ask me foreign policy questions,” he said as he opened the floor. “I respect your right to ask them, and I hope you’ll respect my right to shy away from answering them.”

MOM is so great at deflecting when he’s clueless.  When asked if we should be nuts over Iran’s nukes, MOM confidently said:

“I believe that the president will make that call.”

Oh, that call.  If only the president would make that call to MOM. 


I’m waiting, Mr. President, for you to validate my reason for living.

So far, MOM has avoided Bebe Netanyahu, to show solidarity with Buhrock.  Instead, he met with some token jewish people, and was especially interested in Salaam Fayyad, who resigned earlier this month as prime minister of the Palestinian Authority.

“I’m hoping in discussions with him to learn,” Mr. O’Malley said of Mr. Fayyad. “That’s part of the obligation that goes along with travel.”

Really?  You’re supposed to get skooled on these trips?  Hmmmm – maybe somebody should tell this guy:


While you were out on vacation……………………

MOM again played coy with the Reporters when asked if he wants to follow in Obama’s footsteps:

“I plan for the latter half of this year to dedicate some more thought time, reflection time, to the question of whether or not I would run,” he said Tuesday.

WOW – he’s gonna take a whole half of a year to decide on the question?  Guess he’s not holding out a lot of hope in getting his phone call soon.  It’s just torturous for Obama to play with MOM’s feelings like this and not validate MOM as a real live presidential contender.  Why, MOM can’t even think straight!  And when he gets stressed, he goes into “brain mixer” mode and out comes half-chopped stuff like this:

“The key question in running for any office is having a clear and refined understanding of the shared reality we face and the better set of choices we need to make as people to meet those challenges and to create a better future for our kids.”


What goes in gets all mixed up and comes out in many random fragmented configurations.

As for Obama calling MOM………..well, he only calls “select” people.


Hey Reggie, I just met you, and this is crazy.  But here’s my number, so call me, maybe.

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