Pepe’ le Pew

What on terre (French for Earth) has gotten into Pierre Franchot, our tres’ bien Comptroller?  He’s making a bigger stink than Pepe’ le Pew!


Pardon mois – I have zee smell of fresh camembert cheese. 

His panties are in a major wad because the President of Towson State University, Maravene Loeschke, skipped a Board of Public Works meeting in Annapolis.  Who in the world would want to go to that anyway?  Why, just writing about it bores the manure out of me.

Pierre is so mad that she didn’t attend, that he wants her to resign! 

“The president of Towson, in my view, has forfeited her claim on moral leadership,” Franchot said during the Board of Public Works meeting in Annapolis. “It’s with a heavy heart, I believe, in the best interest of Towson University that she should resign.”

All she did was miss a meeting, and he is chastising her morality?  God forbid if she ever missed a day of church.  Then again, we Dems rarely attend church unless we are “running,”  as we gave up confession long ago.  They can never spell her name right anyway.

Besides, MOM said she could skip that night:

“I don’t think I need her to [attend],” O’Malley said, adding that Loeschke had already been to Annapolis late last month to meet with him and Comptroller Peter Franchot.

So why in the world did Pierre want her to attend that dreadful meeting?



He wanted to meet a woman with balls?


No, he’s mad because, with the stroke of her sexist pen, she eliminated the MEN’S basketball and soccer teams  at Towson to “open up more opportunity for women’s sports”.  She blamed it on federal Title IX requirements (, the equal opportunity in education mandate that has nothing to do with athletics.  Pierre wanted Loeschke in the hot seat, live- streamed for all five listeners to hear, to answer why, why, why does she hate men so much!

Until she can explain, Pierre is getting even by withholding funds for a campus construction project, and publicly calling for her to resign.

Apparently, Ms. Women’s Lib has a habit of eliminating MEN’S sports teams from Universities upon which she has served.  She “did away” with the football team at Mansfield, University of Pennsylvania.

Gosh, she really does seem like a “serial killer” of men’s sports teams!  What happened in her past to make her this way?  Was she jilted by a tight end in junior high school and will forever exact revenge?  Did she try out for a boy’s sports team and was rejected?

And, who knew that if you have a boy’s team it takes up space that could be used for a girl’s team.  I had no idea that boys and girls were mutually exclusive.  Maybe the solution is to open up the teams to men, women, or anything in-between.


Can IT try out for soccer?

Pierre better put a lid on it with Ms. Loeschke if he thinks he has a shot of becoming our next Guvner.  Maybe he can send a caviar and champagne basket as mea culpa.

Don’t forget, MOM already chastised him last year with a scathing public statement where he called Pierre the worst name possible:

MOM: “He’s (Franchot) kind of our version of Mitt Romney, I mean, he’s very happy taking opposite sides of every issue and always has throughout his career.” 

UGH – this could be a career-ender for Pierre by taking the side of a man!  I mean, we certainly don’t want Mitt Romney as our Governor.

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