Minority Report

Shame on you, racist minds, for thinking I was talking about “those” kinds of minorities!


Not you, little ass.  Why, I never even noticed you were black! 

No, I’m talking about “these” minorities.


They’re big, but really in short supply in Maryland.

They are crying elephant tears over our successful 2013 Session!  They have loads (no pun intended) of complaints about all the great things we are doing to for the Maryland comrades.  Let’s examine a few, shall we?

2014 Budget

Red Maryland: After the legislature trimmed (mostly from Medicaid over budgeting) the FY 2014 budget comes in a $36.9 billion dollars, up $1.4 billion from last year, an increase of nearly 4 percent.  Over the last several years O’Malley has falsely claimed he cut $8.3 billion in spending. He repeated that lie to WBAL News yesterday.

MOM simply needs more money.  More for rozenbrigez.  More for windmills.  More, more, more.  Besides, eventually the gummint will be the only employer in Maryland, so more money makes more jobs.  And more jobs make more money.   I mean, we gotta have some people working around here to pay for it all!


Red Maryland:  After two failed attempts, O’Malley rammed through his plan to make Maryland electric ratepayers subsidize billions in costs for offshore wind turbines.  Then O’Malley himself sweetened the pot for minority legislators with millions in state grants to minority contractors to compete for offshore wind energy contracts.

See, we take care of our minorities, unlike those R people.  And, we asses are really good with “kick backs” if ya know what I mean.


Red Maryland: Warning that Maryland suffers from a dearth of transportation funds to pay for congestion relief, infrastructure maintenance, and mass transit projects, O’Malley introduced, and the legislature approved a massive 87 percent gas tax increase to generate new transportation funds.

How else do they expect us to fund the Fund?  I just wish it wasn’t made of teflon.  Furthermore, it’s about time we built some rozenbrigez around here.


Red Maryland: The legislature approved Governor Martin O’Malleys sweeping gun control plan, devised in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre in Newtown, CT.  The law calls for potential gun purchasers to be fingerprinted, bans so-called “assault weapons”, limits magazine that hold more than 10 rounds and restricts the purchase of firearms by the mentally ill.

I have already explained the phenom of the non sequitur.  Also, it’s been a real problem with the mentally ill constantly buying firearms from gun shops.   Why, just last week Mike Miller was spotted at the ……. oh, nevermind!

That Washington Post poll that you may have heard of, saying that over half of Marylanders disapprove of MOM’s handling of the budget, taxes, and the economy, is completely incorrect.  If it were true, we wouldn’t keep getting re-elected, now would we?  Would we?


We need to really start working on the illegal immigrant vote. 


Damn those millionaires leaving Maryland.  Go get ’em while you can, MOM.  Maybe you can create an Exit Tax!

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