“Goddag og velkommen til”

It was only a short time ago that Amerika was viewed as the country with all the answers!  Why, we were Numero Uno in manufacturing, military prowess, economic independence, health services, etc.  Then those damn Chinese took over with their cheap labor and wrecked everything! 

Not only that, but the filter in our gene pool got clogged, resulting in the birth of  very stupid liberal Sheeple with low-wattage brain power.  And we, the Elected Asses who know everything, had to step in to save them from themselves!


Typical American  NO-Information Voter

MOM is dumb, too. Playing dumb, that is, over his potential run for Prezy.

(Baltimore Sun) The governor, a two-term Democrat, will leave office under term limits in Jan. 2015. On Wednesday, he said he needs to give “the time, the thought, the brain power necessary to give the serious consideration” to running for the presidency.

MOM has high wattage “brain power” and will use it to think about becoming our Ruler.  It’s taking awhile, however, for his brain to recharge, as it has been on stand-by for the past three months.  MOM sez:

“The next 20 months of our administration could be the most effective,” O’Malley said. “Political wisdom is that nothing much gets done in the last two years, but I think that was true up until we started getting a lot of stuff done.”

Huh?  Say what?

Advocates Of Stricter Gun Control Laws Hold Rally In Maryland's Capitol

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.  Wake up, brain, the alarm is going off.

Anyway, we are sure that MOM’s brain is fully charged now, as he just got back from Denmark where he attended a meeting on Progressive Government.

Wonder if he knows that Denmark is a constitutional monarchy with a  representative democracy based on a unicameral parliamentary system. The Prime  Minister is head of the government . Read more http://www.kgbanswers.com/what-is-the-governing-body-of-denmark/22688499#ixzz2QTPHy3Kz

If MOM can institute this kind of government, he can be King until he dies, and then Wee MOM will take over.  Kinda sounds like England when we left to start Amerika.  Hey, history comes full circle after all!

Goddag og velkommen til, Amerika (Hello, America).  It’s great to be King!





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