Kiss My Ass

Here’s the Instagram of me at the stroke of midnight on Monday, marking the end of the 2013 “Legislative” Session.  We call it the Legislative session, but it’s more like whack-a-mole with the Republicans, who just keep coming back for more.  Maybe after what we have done this year, they will just go away and we won’t need Session at all!


Yeah Baybee, let’s parteh!

Needless to say, I have been on a binge ever since it ended.  We had so much to celebrate:  repeal of the Death Penalty, masterful gun safety legislation, our blowing in the windmills, our rozenbrigez gas tax legislation, a b as in billion dollas for publik skools in Baltimore, and just all kinds of new stuff  for the People’s Republic of Maryland!  Hiccup.

The only thing we didn’t settle was our dog bite bill.  Guess we needed to get dogs to bite more people, cause we only had one instance of a pit bull mauling a kid and that wasn’t enough.  We coulda used a Sandy Hook where pits were the evil, murderous weapon.  We’ll work on it for next year.

We all loaded up (and got loaded – haha) and went to Nap Town to celebrate.  So glad that I, like many of my fellow asses, have drivers.


See ya at McGarvey’s!

MOM was so happy! He praised the Mikes for their great work of, well, outnumbering the Republicans so we can push through whatever we want:

“I think it’s been a very effective session,” said O’Malley, who is considering a presidential run in 2016. “We’ve had to deal with a lot of tough and difficult issues, but the legislature and the leadership — the speaker and the Senate president — have managed these tough issues in a very orderly way.”

Not everybody is happy.  One of the handful of Republicans left in the state said this:

Senate Minority Leader E.J. Pipkin, R-Cecil, said the session illustrates a big shift to the left.  “I think, led by the governor, the left-wing, liberal, extreme part of the Democrat Party has hijacked the state of Maryland, and it’s holding it hostage,” Pipkin said.

We are not holding the state hostage, we are doing the sheeple’s bidding.  They want us to do this stuff, especially when it comes to stickin it to the rich! That’s basically all we have to say to them and they will keep voting us in for decades!  Oh, and protecting the children.  Works every time!!


Mercy!  I don’t remember this part of the evening at all.  Hey, no posting this on Facebook, OK?

Now that our sheeple have really high taxes, expensive gas, no guns, higher electric bills, not much expendable money, and companies are moving out of the state, MOM signed a bill for job creation.  He just instinctively knows what to do, especially when it comes to involving the government in jobs, jobs, jobs creation.


UGH – I am really hung over.  Lot’s of bar hopping on the taxpayer’s dime, but when it’s free, we really go all out.

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