The Fix is IN.

Our gun bill is on its way to MOM’s desk.  It should have arrived by now, unless MOMs windmills blew it in a different direction.


Millertime!  Here’s Mikey sending the bill over to MOM’s house.

Now, let’s level with each other.  You don’t really believe that we were passing all this gun stuff for your safety and welfare, do you sheeple?


Then you are stupider that I thought.  I mean, you are scary stupid.

We did this for the sake of MOM’s next career move.  Haven’t you heard that he wants to be Prezy, and the more radical he makes Maryland, the more likely Obama will endorse him?  Where have you been, watching Honey Boo Boo or something? Oh, nevermind.

So, I was just outside MOM’s office last night when I heard the phone ring.  MOM answered.


Hello? Mr. President, it’s soooo wonderful and amazing to hear from you!  You really light up my life.

Mr. President? Hell no, Jackie Boy, it’s Joey!A-Joe-Biden

Buhrack wanted me to congratulate you.  You are doing a very good job, and it is not going unnoticed. It is Jack, isn’t it?

Martin O’Malley
 No, I’ve told you a million times, it’s Martin.  Where’s the President and why isn’t HE calling me? I am doing everything he wants me to do, especially in passing the strictest gun legislation in the country.  I deserve to talk to HIM!


Sorry, Charlie, Jack, or whatever your name is.  He’s, er, holding a budget meeting, or getting a brazilian bikini wax or something. (pshaw, pshaw).  Anyway, thanks for doing his bidding, and we will let you know what your next mission is very soon.  Have a supercallafragalistic day!


UGH!  Guess I better turn up the heat on my GlowBull Warming projects.  Maybe he’ll like me best when I get those windmills really blowing.  Now where is that bill?

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