We Did It! We Did It. Boy, did we do it!

Oh, Happy Day!  Not when Jesus washed our sins away, silly.  Right now! The Senate JUST PASSED our gun safety bill at 6:40 PM tonight!  And it was so easy.  The Republicans gave impassioned speeches and it went right through our brains like sieves.  Nothing ever sticks when they talk.

And the rafters were again full of children who wanted us to keep them safe from killers.  That’s their single-minded focus, except maybe a trip to Storm Bros after for ice cream.  How else do you keep them still?

Here’s one child who wants the Second Amendment to be eliminated all together.


YEEEEEES.  I speak for the children.  Pass the bill so that evil can run rampant!!!

Well, that can certainly be on our radar for next year.  Right now, it’s a night of celebration, as is every night for us “legislators” in Maryland.


Hey, if you stand on your head, MOM is actually lowering taxes!





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