Five Days Left, Sukkas!

Have you seen today’s Capital newspaper?  Here’s a glimpse of the front page:


Maryland House Begins Final Debate on Maryland’s Gun Bill

Then this Picture (but different story), right next to the headline:


Wow – pretty accurate reporting, cause we sure are burning down the house with all the Republicans in it!  We’ve been “debating” the bill going on two days now, meaning we shoot down (metaphorically speaking, of course) everything that they propose.  Just like target practice where you can’t miss.  This really is way too easy.

And in the rafters of the Senate Office Building (SOB) were all the moms (and props kiddies) feeling like superior parents for supporting our legislation that will be completely against the Constitutional rights of law abiding citizens protect our schools from another Adam Lanza and our movie theaters from another James Holmes.  Who cares if they were certifiably nucking futz, and a looney bin would have been the preventive measure?

lanzaJames Holmes

Taking your guns away will keep us all safe from people like this.

Anyhoo, we expect the bills to land on MOM’s desk really soon.  And his pen is locked and loaded.

We still have some very inventive bills to put the nails in the coffins of freedom-loving Marylanders, such as:

SB 706 – to quadruple the number of signatures needed to bring a bill/law to referendum

 HB 493/SB673 – to increase bureaucracy, thereby decreasing ability to bring bills/laws to referendum.  Senator Miller said they wouldn’t pass this year but they’ve not been withdrawn.  HAHA – Mikey’s a slick one!

HB 683/SB 700 – 50% raise in rolled tobacco tax, 95% rise in other tobacco tax

HB 660/SB 827 – takes almost all functions away from Comptroller and places in hands of Secretary appointed by the Governor

SB 576 – bag tax

HB 1255 – regulate towing operators (undue burden on small operators)

HB 1214 – arbitrary food subject to “snack tax”

HB 1335 – requires employers to pay 80% of premium for short term disability policy for already pregnant employees (already pregnant ensures the premiums will be very high)

SB 710 – almost doubles the number of Public Service Commission Commissioners

So, guess it’s time for me to return to my chess game work for the People’s Republic of Maryland.  Obama will surely endorse MOM after all he’s done to, er, for, the State.


Can’t wait for my crowning.

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