Dirty Deeds, Done. Dirt. Sheep.

Our wonderful sheeple in Maryland just keep voting us in and voting us in.  And the only way to splain it is that they really love to be taxed!  Actually, they love for the “rich” to be taxed, but we change the definition of rich all the time and many times we define them as “rich”.  But they don’t want to be rich because the rich are evil.  So they happily give up their money – for the greater good.


Sadomasochistic sacrificial lambs – tax me, no,tax me! No, ME first.

Since WE as elected officials “represent” our sheeple and this is what they want, and WE vastly outnumber those elephants, WE “call all the shots.”  Heck, we don’t even have to legislate, we just show up to session (many times hung over), play our video games, make sure that we use our daily taxpayer funded food minimum at a local bar, and do it all over again, for 90 days straight.  How fun is that?


Thanks for voting me MOM of the Year!  You love me, you really love me.

Last week, we had a little tiff in the House.  Seems like some R people got upset when we rubber stamped  passed our gas tax a little prematurely.  Mike “Anheuser” Busch really, really wanted to get to happy hour, so he “called the shot” early.  Passing our gas caused a huge stink!

Republicans charge that  the speaker locked in a preliminary tally and called for the final vote before  anyone had a chance to change their minds or make sure they pushed the right  button.

The GOP caucus walked out  of the chamber in protest. According to the speaker’s office, the bill passed  76-63.

Read more: http://www.wbaltv.com/news/politics/Maryland-House-passes-increase-in-gas-tax/-/9379266/19429528/-/j2v7n3z/-/index.html#ixzz2OVGIMaIu

Hey, not only did we make it to Mojito happy hour, we screamed with laughter over the recent story about a certain elephant who plans to secretly follow MOM around while he speechifies across the country:

MDGOP’s No Left Turn Tour (No – I am NOT making this up!)

David Ferguson, executive director of the Maryland Republican Party, vowed Tuesday that he or someone else affiliated with the state GOP will show up each time O’Malley attends an out-of-state event, starting this weekend in South Carolina.

“Anytime O’Malley goes and makes a stop on his presidential parade, we’re going to follow him and let people know who the real Martin O’Malley is,” said Ferguson.

HAHAHAHA – You tell ’em, Fergie!


Veeeeeeeeeeeeeddy Interestink!

HAHAHAHA – I can’t stop laughing.  Bonus – while they run around the country further cementing their image as hapless idiots, we will be shining up our next candidate for Guvner and planning our post-election parties.  This is just too easy! HAHAHA.  Tee hee.

Having low information voters as our base is also incredibly helpful.

They are so busy following this:


Keeping Up with the Kartrashians: Married woman pregnant with  lover’s child.

That they have no idea about this:

Martin O’Malley’s Maryland Mess

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