We’re in the Final Stretch


So many bills to pass, so little time.

Wow, where did the 2013 Session go?  Sine Die (end of Session) is 25 very short days away and we have so much to do to for the citizens of Maryland.

Today we will focus on passing gas.


Busch’s HB 1515                                                      Miller’s and Mini-Miller’s SB 1054

Joined together, we eloquently call this the Transportation Infrastructure Investment Act of 2013.  Obama and Son of Obama (SOB – that would be MOM), often refer to infrastructure as “rozenbrigez”.   And the word Investment sounds so “saving for the futurish.”  Like gun “safety legislation,” it was especially requested by MOM, so it is of the Highest Priority.

O’Malley on Monday night  unveiled a plan he said could raise as much as $3.4 billion over the next five  years for road infrastructure improvements and ways to reduce traffic  congestion, such as mass transit expansion.

“This agreement is a  balanced, fiscally responsible approach that will address our traffic needs  while also creating 44,000 jobs,” the governor said.

Who could object to this, especially since it creates jobz and raises kazillions of dollars?  The R people, that’s who.  According to THEM:

This bill imposes a sales tax on top of the motor fuel tax currently in place. It has a built-in tax expansion clause in that it has a yearly reset for the tax based on the growth of the Urban Consumer Price Index (CPI).  This will likely push inflation higher which increases costs for everyone.  The bill reduces the motor fuel tax from 23.5 cents to 18.5 cents initially, but inserts a yearly reset for the tax based on the Urban CPI.  So both taxes will increase.  The Legislature will never have to vote to increase the tax again –it will happen automatically.  There will be no check and balance on the spending. 

Additionally, it will hurt poor people and rural people the most. 

Hey, that’s OUR line.  We are the ones who say that something hurts the poor (or the elderly, or the children, or the animals, or the environment, but that’s for another Post).

In case you have insomnia, here is a link to the Bill:


And, yawn, they are planning another rally and day of testifyin’ for tomorrow.  Dems, get your Black Jack games loaded – it’s going to be a loooooooooong day.  Right, Jamie?

Americans For Prosperity:

What: Public testimony against O’Malley’s Gas Tax Hike and Press Conference

When: Friday, March 15th

Where: Lawyers Mall and The House Ways and Mean Committee Room

Time: Press Conference, 11:30 – 12:30; Committee hearing, 1pm

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