MOM’s Not Afraid To Be First

What an exciting time to live in Maryland!  We have a Governor who wants to be First!  He is at the top of the class under Obama, the Constitutional Law Professor and brilliant Emperor.  Why, maybe one day, MOM will run for Emperor  and Obama will happily endorse his A-Number One Disciple !  And, maybe those who helped pass his legislation will get a seat at the table too!

Let’s start with gun legislation.

When, not if the House passes the bill, we will be FIRST in the nation with the strictest gun control laws evah!  MOM is such a good doobie for Obama.

Per The Washington Times:  The Senate voted 28-19 in favor of the legislation  on Thursday afternoon, sending it to the House where a pair of committees will  hear testimony on the proposal Friday. 

MOM and Obama even organized supporters to come to Annapolis when the House begins the hearings, under the old Organizing for America (Now called Organizing for Action):

Volunteers in several Maryland communities will be holding phone banks urging people to attend a March 1 rally in Annapolis to support an ambitious gun control package championed by Gov. Martin O’Malley, a Democrat.

As a side note.  We love to play cat and mouse with our Republican friends, so we gave some of OUR Senators a “pass” to vote  against the bill.  It keeps our “friends” interesting and alive.  But then we voted to end the debate, as on-line chess was getting really boring and we certainly didn’t want a filibuster.

That’s it, Republicans.  I’m done playing with you.  You’re dead.

Next we have Wind Farms!  They are the FIRST of their kind in the world!

Per the Bay Daily:

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is again pushing for state legislation that would help finance the construction of America’s first offshore wind farm.  “This legislation is important to our jobs future, for our energy future, and it’s important therefore for our children’s future,” O’Malley told the Maryland Senate Finance Committee.

No one, repeat, NO ONE has ever tried this.  But MOM is confident that he can tax the hell out of Marylanders raise revenue to fund it, and that it will decrease our addiction to natural gas and coal.  Can’t wait, as I sure am tired of attending all those Oilaholic meetings.

Obama’s gonna love it!


Glad these things don’t work, they kill too many birds.

Gay Marriage:  FIRST again!

Those pesky homophobes collected thousands of signatures to put the vote to the people on the ballot last November.  But once more, we reigned supreme:

With about 80% of precincts reporting, Maryland’s referendum to uphold the law held a sizable lead — putting Maryland on track to become the first state below the Mason-Dixon line to legalize gay marriage.



On a side note, the new Congresswoman and Obamabot in District Four, Donna Edwards, is FIRST to say this:


Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) said that if the  sequester goes into effect, women who are victims of domestic violence  will be “forced to stay in their homes with their abuser” at the “hands  of the GOP.”

Edwards called the cuts the “Republicans failure,” and said they are  “taking a sledge hammer” to the nation’s domestic violence shelters and  programs.

Well of course they have to use sledge hammers; we’ve taken their guns away!

“The harm is real,” Edwards said.  “230,000 victims will be calling  crisis hotlines and those calls will go unanswered.  230,000 calls to  crisis hotlines around the country.”

“And so for the women who are forced to stay in their homes with  their abuser because there’s no place to go, because shelters have been  cut, because hotlines go unanswered, that is on the hands of the GOP  here in the House of Representatives.”

WOW – they can do all that overnight?  That’s quick work!

Sweet Fancy Jesus are those R people evil!  But maybe she should look at the welfare state that her policies have created, FIRST.

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