What Are They Doing in There? Holding Prayer Meetings?

The media is going berserk over the fact that Bush is holding closed door meetings on gun control legislation! Article after article provides blistering commentary on the hubris, arrogance, and UNtransparancy of what could turn out to be Constitutionally changing legislation to the  Second Amendment.  Let the Bush Bashing Begin.

Oh wait, it’s not THAT Bush.  It’s THIS Busch.


What have you swept under that rug, Mr. Busch?

Per the Washington Post:

Closed-door meetings on gun control criticized in Maryland

(Snip) Members of the House have considered the proposal in secret, with the speaker and other key lawmakers meeting with lobbyists, experts and state officials in a closed-door conference room that has been off-limits to the public.

It’s a super-secret, double off limits, triple dog dare warning for you to KEEP OUT!   Here is the sign they posted on the confernce room door:

No Trespassing Violators will be Shot Survivors will be Shot Again Sign

OK, ok – we get it.  It’s clearly not open to the public.

Per WaPo: Busch defended the closed-door sessions in an interview, saying the meetings are exempt from Maryland’s open-meeting laws because the working group fits the mold of previous, if rarely used,  groups organized to consider contentious legislation.

There are 14 donkeys and two Rinos on the committee attending the “closed door” meetings. Seems fair enough.

But it’s really, really quiet in there.  One can only speculate as to what they are really doing.  Based on evidence coming out in the trash cans, here are some thoughts:

Are they…………………….playing poker?


I started with four hearts hoping for a flush, but I backdoored two more kings and my trips won.

Are they…………………………..conducting seances?


Gov. Willy Don (Don Schaffer), please talk to us.  We know that you have rolled over in your grave so much that you bore a tunnel to China.  But please, tell us what we should do.  Where is our country headed?  We have no leaders anymore to ask (but don’t tell MOM I said that).  OMG – is that you Don, or is that some WaPo reporter?

I know, their having Botox parties!


So after I do your foreheads, I’ll inject a little filler in your naso-labial folds.

One participant defends the process:

Del. Shawn Z. Tarrant (D-Baltimore) described the meetings as collegial. “This allows us to work out all the kinks in the bill,” he said. “It’s not that its secretive. . . . This is our dining-room-kitchen-table kind of conversations. It is allowing us to sit down like family and hash things out.”

Hash things out.  Like this family?


Don Corleone: “Never tell anyone outside the Family what you are thinking again.”

Oh dear, this certainly isn’t helpful:

Obama is having a vacation behind closed doors. Keep out!

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