Doctor Dispenses Strong Medicine But Patient is Dead on Arrival

MOM is still  blushing over the antics of Maryland’s own WorldRenownedPediatricNeurosurgeon Ben Carson’s remarks at the recent National Prayer Breakfast.  Here MOM went to all the trouble of offering up one of Maryland’s finest, and the whole darn thing backfired (oops – unintential gun reference).

MOM would never, ever, condone anyone or anything from Maryland even hinting at disagreeing with The Won”s One’s policies and philosophies. This is simply blasphemous.  Just who does Carson think he is, a black man who raised himself out of poverty to become the highest regarded specialist in the world or something?  Geeze o whiz!

Dr. Carson completely put Obama in his place  made Obama visibly uncomfortable when he talked about the Bible.  Obama’s color sorta changed, and his eyes looked bloodshot.  Why, he almost looked like the anti-Christ:


Holy Baphomet, Batman.  Got a cross handy?

You would think Dr. Carson defers to a higher power, like God, or something.

Anyway, MOM wants everyone to be on their best behavior when dealing with the King of the World, especially since he plans to run for Prezy himself as the Son of Obama (SOB).  See previous Post.

What made it doubly difficult was that Dr. Carson is completely “bullet proof” (oops, did it again).  MOM and the propaganda arm media can’t choose a single narrative from their standard list:

Can’t call him a racist cause he’s black

Can’t call him a crackpot cause he operates on people’s brains and you have to be really, really smart for that

Can’t call him an elitist cause he rose out of complete poverty to get where he is today with no affirmative action

Can’t call him selfish cause he donates to tons of charities, has started charities, and tithes a lot of his income

Can’t call him a publicity hound cause he keeps a low profile and gets no political gain for his observations

So, all we can do is ignore the whole incident.  Move along, nothing to see here:

Dr. Carson Spanks Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast

And now the elephants want BC to run for Prezy.

Carson appeared on the Fox News program Hannity on Friday February 8th, and was asked about a possible run for the White House. Dr. Carson responded: “If the Lord grabbed me by the collar and made me do it, I would.”

Ugh, there’s that Lord thing again.  We, however,  think he should stick to what he does best – separating conjoined twins!


Gosh, this might be an impossible case, no matter how gifted Dr. Carson’s hands are.  That thing will just keep growing back! 

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