Gone With the Wind

“If there’s one thing Maryland gets plenty of, it’s wind” says WJZ reporter Pat Warren.

No kidding Pat, especially in Annapolis during the months of January to March when the politicians belch out bills like a bloated alimentary canal digesting cabbage and beans.  Not only do most of their bills stink, but their voluminousness provides a lot of reading material for those visiting the loos.

MOM agrees with Patty:

“Wind is one of Maryland’s two most abundant natural resources,” O’Malley said.  “The other one being the sun.”

Wind and sun are natural resources!  You get an A Plus on your test, little smarty.  Now, use your noggin to think of how we can harness our natural resources to power Planet Maryland.

The first of its kind proposal puts turbines off the coast of Ocean City to generate electricity and adds a surcharge to ratepayers once the wind farm is in operation.


Wait, they are out in the water off of Ocean City?  That’s a long way from the Jessup jail.  Can wind really keep those cell doors locked? And it adds a surcharge to ratepayers?  I thought wind was free.

Senate President Mike Miller told the coalition that he expects the bill to pass this session.

And it’s because of you (MOM) showing us the way,” Miller said.

Definition of grovelling:

Adj. 1. grovelling – totally submissive

submissive – inclined or willing to submit to orders or wishes of others or showing such inclination; “submissive servants”; “a submissive reply”; “replacing troublemakers with more submissive people”


Wormy:  MOM, I just want to say that  – well – you light up my life.  I heart you.  Will you be my Valentine?

Oh Mikey Ten Term, you are such an ass kisser.


But we agree.  MOM has shown us the way.  The way of sustainable, job creating, clean, forward moving, for the children energy that will make us NUMBER ONE in batshit crazy unworkable bullcrap pioneering wind technology.  (Do those two words wind and technology actually go together?).

Even though wind and solar are Dreams from MOM’s Father (see previous Posts), MOM is going to make it work, or make you say that it will work, even if it will never work.  With the help of his foot soldiers, he is also eliminating any competition, like the proven technology of fracking:

HB 337, proposed by Delegate S. Robinson and co-sponsored by Delegates Barkley, Beidle, Bobo, Carr, Frush, Gutierrez, Hubbard, Hucker, Ivey, A. Kelly, Lee, Luedtke, Morhaim, Murphy, Nathan–Pulliam, Oaks, Pena–Melnyk, Reznik, B. Robinson, Waldstreicher, M. Washington, and Wilson, would prohibit the method of natural gas extraction, known as “fracking”, in the state of Maryland. 

MOM’s wind will surely pass.  Why, he can power the windmills on his hot air alone.

Marilyn Monroe-Pop Culture

MOM – you naughty boy.  You said the wind was OFF SHORE!

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