If I Had A Son……………


If I had a son, he would look like you, MOM.

The Wall Street Journal, in a scathing glowing editorial written a year ago,  dubbed Martin O’Malley (MOM) “Maryland’s Son of Obama.” (SOB).

Here’s a snippet:

Most states have improved their financial condition coming out of the recession and so new taxes are generally off the table this year. Then there’s Maryland. Here’s another case of a failed tax increase on “millionaires.”

Democratic Governor Martin O’Malley has acknowledged another $1.1 billion deficit for 2013 thanks to a $35.9 billion budget with about $400 million for new school construction, roads and transit. To close the budget gap and help plug a $16 billion unfunded liability in public-employee pensions, Mr. O’Malley is seeking to raise $180 million by reducing income-tax deductions and exemptions for those earning more than $100,000. This is Maryland’s new definition of “rich.”

Did you know that if you make $100K you are a millionaire in Maryland?  We use special math invented by the brilliant eggheads in our accounting department.

Well, MOM was tickled pink over the article’s implication that he was an SOB!  In fact, he responded in true ObamaSpeak:

Maryland is one of the strongest states in the union, economically, fiscally and by any objective measure, of quality of life; and yes, we have worked together and invested in our shared priorities to make it so—while cutting $7.5 billion in state spending, the most ever in Maryland.

We have delivered these results with a balanced approach of record cuts, investment, and—yes—balanced revenues in a state with America’s 12th lowest tax burden on new investment and a lower sales tax than 35 other states.

This may run counter to the ideological worship of tax cuts for the very rich that is espoused by tea-partying politicians, pundits and editorial pages. But facts are facts.

Allow SOB to pee on your shoes and tell you it’s raining.

Especially if you have a job, kids, healthcare, house, car, pets, and even a body.  SOB  wants it ALL!  Haven’t you heard?

Sponsored by Sen. Ron Young, D-Washington and Frederick counties, the bill would require the Motor Vehicle Administration to notify people applying for or renewing driver’s licenses or IDs that they will be an organ donor unless they expressly choose not to.  Donor organs and tissue can be used for transplants, therapy, or medical research and education.

In the meantime, on Wednesday, the Teabaggers exercised their First Amendment rights to protect their Second Amendment Rights against SB281 (hat tip CN).  Only a handful showed up.

Gun Rally in Lawyers Mall.

Rallying outside of Lawyer’s Mall.

People gathered to testify against SB 281 on gun control.People gathered to testify against SB 281 on gun control.


Don’t worry your little heads over gun rights.  Obama loves guns too (which means MOM does too- it’s a father/SOB thing).

OOPS, I was originally aiming at my foot!

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