Have You Heard? Santa Claus is Coming To NapTown!


That’s right, boys and girls.  Christmas is comin’ early, with Santa arriving on Wednesday to help MOM pass his completely unconstitutional awesome gun legislation.  He’ll be meeting only with us, NO reporters and especially NO elephants allowed.  With his secret service detail and entourage, his visit will be sure to shut down streets, snarl traffic, close off pedestrian access to downtown Annapolis, and completely and effectively crush the oppositions’ plans to protest the proposed gun legislation.

Can anyone say Republican. Buzz. Kill.

MOM is especially excited to sit on Santa’s lap and ask for his Christmas wish to be Prezy one day.  If MOM can show Santa what a good little Marxist he is, and that he will carry on Santa’s legacy of destroying America of Moving Forward, he might just get his wish in 2016.

So, you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m tellin you why……………………….

Santa Claus is Coming To Town!!!!


No crying!




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