Bringing a Whole New Meaning to Purple Fridays

Tinky Winky, we hardly knew ye.

From a British Wikipedia editor:

The programme (Teletubbies) was at the centre of a controversy when American cleric and conservative pundit Jerry Falwell claimed in 1999 that Tinky Winky, one of the Teletubbies, was a homosexual role model for children. Falwell based this conclusion on the character’s purple colour and triangular antenna; both the colour purple and the triangle are sometimes used as symbols of the Gay Pride movement”

Tinky Winky never did come out of the closet, and was never  outed by “OUT” magazine (who forced Anderson Cooper “out”).  But dressing up in purple does get one’s attention.

On to the Ravens.  Congratulations to our great team, BTW.  We are so proud of you and hope that you have a super, Super Bowl success.  Football is so Americana – chips, dips, beer, male testosterone, and yelling all around.

Everyone knows that MOM (because he likes to insert himself into everything)  declared Fridays as “Purple Fridays”  to encourage comrades to show their support of our home team.  So, you will see people and animals of all ages, races, sexes, breeds and socioeconomic stati adorned in Ravens’ motif.  As I said, dressing up in purple does get one’s attention.

Going to the Super Bowl is the ultimate in attention getter, as the whole world will be watching us and talking about Maryland!  So we ask, what better vehicle to use to bring attention to Gay Marriage?

Linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo wants to share the passage of gay marriage in Maryland to the WORLD during the Super Bowl!

Hours after Ayanbadejo’s team beat the New England Patriots on Sunday, paving  their way to football’s biggest game, the three-time Pro Bowl special teams  player wrote an email to gay marriage proponents asking how he could use his  time in the limelight support the cause.

“Is there anything I can do for marriage equality or anti-bullying over the  next couple of weeks to harness this Super Bowl media?” Ayanbadejo, 36, wrote to  Brian Ellner and Michael Skolnik, who works (sic) closely with activist and  businessman Russell Simmons on political issues.

According to Ayanbadejo,

“I was raised around gay people in a very liberal society,” Ayanbadejo told Bruni  in September. “Discrimination was never allowed.” 

It is unclear exactly what he plans to do, but he does have a goal: to dance with Ellen!

“That’s my ultimate goal after the Super Bowl,” Ayanbadejo told Bruni. “To go  on Ellen’s show, to be dancing with her, to bust a move with her.”

Yes, bustin a move with Ellen is the ultimate reward for “getting the message out” to testosterone overloaded, beer filled screaming fans who just want to be left alone to watch the football game and look at cute cheerleaders.

In the meantime, ObaMOM released this statement:

“I’m a big football fan, but I have to tell you if I had a son, I’d have to think long and hard before I let him play football.”  No Kidding!


”  A lot of guys when they win the Super Bowl want to go to Disneyland,” said  Skolnik. “Brendon wants to go to statehouse to statehouse in support of marriage  equality.

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Did Ray Lewis use banned deer-antler spray to return from triceps injury?

Sports With Alternatives to Steroids -” S.W.A.T.S.”- is an edgy sports science company run by a gym owner/former stripper.  The company specializes in holographic stickers, deer-antler pills, and other, um, progressive means of enhancing a player’s performance.  (my editorial bolding – btw).

Ross (the owner of S.W.A.T.S.) prescribed a deluxe program (to Lewis), including holographic stickers on the  right elbow; copious quantities of the powder additive; sleeping in  front of a  beam-ray light programmed with frequencies for tissue  regeneration and pain relief; drinking negatively charged water; a  10-per-day regimen of the  deer-antler pills that will “rebuild your  brain via your small intestines” (and  which Lewis said he hadn’t been  taking, then swallowed four during the  conversation); and spritzes of  deer-antler velvet extract (the Ultimate Spray)  every two hours.


Spray on my elbow every two hours?” Lewis  asked.

“No,” Ross said, “under your  tongue.”

Oh, the law of unintended consequences.

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3 Responses to “Bringing a Whole New Meaning to Purple Fridays”

  1. Amy Leahy Says:

    Love it! May I share???

    Amy Leahy SPRWC President (410) 279-9331 “I stand with Israel”

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