The Only Way to Stop a Bad Guy With a Gun is a Good Guy With a Gun

Hey, good guys don’t stop bad guys.  You silly, cute little elephants.  You have the cleverest sayings ever!  But your ideas are just DUMB!  No good guys own guns!!!


Hey, you have big ears and act really gay.  And, they call you Dumbo?  HAHAHAH – you are a Dumbo stoopid big-eared, gay elephant.  Wait, is this bullying?

MOM has a whole anti-bullying program.  He even made a YouTube with his lovely wife Katie, but it is full of bloopers!!  Oh dear, why did I show this? I’m such a jackass!

Well, let’s forget all that and focus on gun control.  Don’t worry, you violent people.  MOM does supports gun ownership.  Just look at him, displaying his  Second Amendment Rights to Bare Arms!


Those are pretty impressive guns.  I think they need to be legislated!

After last month’s school shooting in Newtown, Conn., O’Malley was quick to join several governors, Democrats in Congress and President Obama in proposing measures that would restrict access to firearms. O’Malley’s plan would ban assault weapons, institute strict gun-licensing requirements — and help him cement a progressive legacy as he eyes a possible presidential run in 2016.

HMMMM – cement a progressive legacy in Maryland?  I thought he was just trying to protect us!

O’Malley has deliberately sought to steer clear of what he considers overly expansive restrictions when it comes to mental health, saying that going too far could scare people from seeking treatment.

In other words, if you “see someone” and discuss your unnatural thoughts of blowing up all the little kinder kiddies at the summer vacation bible school, he/she will have to report you to the authorities.  HMMM, guess that turned off these dudes from seeking counseling;

Ft Hood – Registered Democrat- Muslim

Columbine – Too young to vote – both families were registered democrats and progressive liberals

VA Tech – Wrote hate mail to Pres Bush and to his staff. Registered Democrat.

Colorado Theater – Registered Democrat, staff worker on the Obama campaign, occupy wall street participant, progressive liberal.

Connecticut School Shooter – Registered Democrat, hated Christians.

Common thread is that all of these shooters were progressive liberal democrats and never been a NRA member.

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

So, what does MOM have planned for Maryland? (Hey – Plan Maryland again!)

Oh, it’s a (n) oozy er doozie!

Plan Gun

And a big part of our plan is to make the Constitution a living and breathing document.  As it should be. Don’t you agree?

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