Up In Arms With A Call To Arms To Keep Their Arms


Hey Lady, under our new law, we’ll need all of your fingerprints before you can make any gun purchases!  

The Republicans are all “up in arms” over our desire to take away their arms, as in guns.  Like I said yesterday, no good guy owns a gun.  So, we must immediately get rid of these scary, dangerous military style assault weapons (because your true intention is to assault) and we don’t care if you are a law-abiding citizen and we doubly don’t care about some silly, yellow stained paper called the Constitution!  By the stroke of our magic pen, we can make you a non-law abiding citizen, and then we can come after you!

We love, love, love to say Military Style Assault Weapons because it sounds so “combat,” even though military weapons are like, totally illegal and almost never used in crimes.  According to the Newt:

“The term ‘assault weapon’  is propaganda. Any true military weapon is illegal, has been illegal since 1934. If somebody is using an AK- 47, they’re using an illegal weapon, because it’s an automatic weapon. We do not allow people to buy automatic weapons unless they have a very strict collector’s license. That has been true now for almost 80 years.”

So what if the shooters used other types of guns, and obtained them illegally.  We’re not letting semantics get in the way of turning law-abiding gun owners into bad guys.  Why, EVERYONE can become a law-breaker without even leaving the comfort of their his/her/their own homes!  How easy is that?  Then we can fine, tax, or jail them accordingly.  How else are we going to pay for our roads (and bridges) to perdition?

We’re not keeping  the fun all to ourselves,  – this is nationwide.  Why reinvent the wheel in each state.  But darn it, some birther, tea-bagger, truther, gun running Republican ratted on our plans:

N.Y. Republican releases secret list of Democrat gun control plans

Now everyone is all worked up.  MOM tried to calm them down by telling them that he goes shooting all the time”  and because of that, he understands why people are nervous over losing their Second Amendment rights.  OOPS, Obama said that,  but MOM could have…

In our world, shooting skeets is just like defending yourself and your children from an intruder who breaks into your home with terrifying intentions and your only defense is a loaded gun and after peeling off five shots he still doesn’t stop so you really could have used military style assault weapon.

           Georgia Woman Hiding in Attic With Children Shoots Home Intruder Five Times

Clay Pidgeon                                   Potential rapist and mass murderer

Yep, looks the same to me.

So, people will be happy to give up some of their guns because MOM/Obama can relate to them as a fellow gun shooter and all.  MOM “gets it.”

Thank goodness MOM doesn’t have to worry about his security, what with his own, personal “well armed militia.”   That leaves him worry free when he goes after your Constitutional rights.  Some say that the real purpose of the Second Amendment is for citizens to protect themselves against oppressive regimes.  Er, that wouldn’t be us, would it?

Second Amendment

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” 

Give it up, Granny.  Military style assault weapons are illegal in Maryland!

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