Gas, This Too Shall Pass

Maryland State President Proposes New Gas Tax

Maryland’s powerful Senate president sought Tuesday to jump-start a stalled debate over transportation funding, offering a plan to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes and urging the governor to work harder on an issue “crying out to be addressed.”

It’s about time you addressed my gas!

You see, we stay low on Maslovs Hierarchy of needs when it comes to inventing new taxes (and that also goes with de-funding threats).

We tax you at the first level and take from you at the second level.

As for everything we do, we use a scientific formula for creating a new gas tax.  You need gas for your car + we need your money to fund transportation  = new taxes on gas.  Since we raided the transportation fund and there is no money in it allocated the transportation fund to other projects, the coffers are empty and we need to “fill ’em up.”

Fill 'er Up!: The Great American Gas Station

Ah, the good ole days when the nice man would pump your gas, check your oil and tires, and you could just sit and relax!

 Miller (D-Calvert) told reporters that under his legislation, the state would authorize counties to collect up to 5 cents per gallon for local transportation projects. The statewide gas tax is 23.5 cents per gallon, a levy unchanged since 1992.

See, we are letting the counties do all the dirty work make the decisions.  Remember what MOM said about delegating and “Smart Growth,” but this really applies to everything:

“The state’s not going to be a part of those stupid decisions, and we’re not going to be subsidizing stupid decisions — pardon me — unsustainable decisions,”
O’Malley said….

Three Stooges photo stooges.jpg

Mike Miller (Senate), MOM and Mike Busch (House) not being part of your stooopid unsustainable decisions!

Miller shared other provisions of his plan in an interview this week with The Washington Post. Those include levying a 3 percent sales tax on gas in addition to the per-gallon gas tax; and creating regional authorities with the ability to raise property taxes to help pay for rail projects.

Raise property taxes to pay for rail projects?  Oh, he means roads and bridges.  Hey, haven’t we heard this somewhere before?

Obama On Roads and Bridges

This is all making sense, as Maryland Congresspeople will need new roads and bridges if they are to effectively represent the constituents in  their Districts.  Actually, they need airplanes, but we’d rather they drive the hundreds of miles to meet with their supporters.  Better yet, don’t visit them at all, which has been working pretty well for us!

On top of that, we have cleverly managed to make it so that NO Republicans can get elected to Congress.  Except for that pesky Andy Harris, all of our Congresspeople are blue!  That way, we can keep moving Maryland Forward, and even win contests!

And the winner of America’s Ugliest Congressional District is……………………..

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