Ermahgerd, werl yer lerk ert erl therz berz!!!!!


For those of you who are over the age of  22.5 and have not heard of the Ermahgerd phenom, here is a scientific explanation.

Ermahgerd (also known as “Gersberms” and “Berks”), a lisped pronunciation of “oh my god,” is an image macro series featuring a photo of a young woman holding several books from the children’s horror fiction series Goosebumps. The phonetically written captions are meant to sound like a speech impediment caused by the use of an orthodontic retainer, often using the snowclone template “Ermahgerd X.” (Hat Tip Know Your Memes)

Ermah just saw all the berz (bills) that we WILL jam down your throats pass to protect the Publius of Maryland.

Aside from trampling on your Second Amendment rights enacting legislation to make our State safe from guns (because we all know that guns pull their own triggers) we are going to really make Progress.  We can measure our Progress using the 26 Maryland Genuine Progress Indicators, and create our bills accordingly.  Let me translate:

The GPI is a new type of measurement system designed to improve public decision-making (code – regulations) in favor of sustainable (code – Marxist) economic development and shared prosperity (code – tax the hell out of the rich, now redefined as anybody with a job). By focusing on aspects of distribution (code – reducing incomes, making land grabs, stomping on your Constitutional rights), well-being (code – Obamacare), and sustainability (code – keeping us in power), which are critical for the state’s prosperity but poorly reflected in the conventional measures of growth headlined by Gross State Product (the state version of Gross Domestic Product), (code – we hate capitalism and are driving businesses away) Maryland’s Genuine Progress Indicator provides an important assessment tool for budget decisions (code – where we choose to spend your money), resource management (code – you will ALL someday belong to us), and economic development (code – big BIG Brother).

MD Genuine Progress Indicator – A Tutorial

Sean McGuire of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources demos Maryland’s Genuine Progress Indicator, a new, innovative tool that will help build Maryland’s sustainable future.

Yes, we really are measuring  the value of your tossing a baseball in the backyard with little Johnny.

However, you may find that having a backyard is not so great after all.  It might be much better for you to live in a city with easy access to high-tech roadz and bridgez.  Right now, MOM’s Plan Maryland is making sure that the natural beauty of our land is preserved for future generations to come (like little Johnny’s, only they won’t be able to actually live there).   MOM isn’t going to let evil developers build those septic overflowing, global warming causing, baby seal killing, Chesapeake Bay destroying, huge footprint McMansions so revered by the 1%.  He is so committed that he put this plan in place all on his own without having to deal with those pesky Republicans, or any legislators, for that matter.
Just to make sure that MOM’s minions don’t feel disenfranchised in the decision-making, County Councils across the fruited state will be voting on their very own Smart Growth Plan Maryland Ordinances for Subdivision and Development.  MOM likes to let them think they are in control.

This is not a law that prohibits counties from making ‘Stupid’ decisions,” said the Governor. “But we’re not going to subsidize it anymore.”

Hey stoopid –  you better vote “yes” or MOM will take away your skool funding and send you to your room

MOM’s Plan sounds just like Obama’s Agenda 21.  All these smart, social engineers with their big ideas!  Why, it’s Nineteen Eighty-Four in 2013!

For your viewing pleasure:

 Agenda 21 for Dummies
If you’re not at the table…

Martin O'Malley Maryland Governor O'Malley Signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill Into Law

You’re on the menu.

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One Response to “Ermahgerd, werl yer lerk ert erl therz berz!!!!!”

  1. pam cullen Says:

    Love this blog! The Agenda 21 video is well worth watching – all of us are guilty of ignorance and not ASSing questions!

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