Say Hello Kitty to My Little Friend

hello kitty photo hello-kitty.jpg

Just an oh-so-cute Japanese bobtail cat spreading love around the world?  I think NOT!

Just when we thought we had dealt with those kids and their “hand guns” we hear of another incident, this time involving a real gun.  A kindergartener was suspended from school for only ten days for making a TERRORIST THREAT with a gun.  Not just any gun but the Hello Kitty Deluxe Hand Operated High Powered AK-47 style Military WEAPON with fifty rounds guaranteed to make your eyes sting soap bubble emitting GUN!  Can you believe it???  The school (rightfully) labeled her a terrorist, and even wanted to order a psychological evaluation of this devil child.  The family has hired a lawyer and is working to have her record expunged, otherwise she will be BRANDED FOR LIFE AS A TERRORIST! As she should!

Dont Shoot

Say Hello to my little friend, Kitty

One quick search for “Hello Kitty guns” turned up an impressive array of weapons and accessories.  Included, but not limited to, are the following:

Hello Kitty AR-15 Assault Rifle

Hello Kitty Pistol

Hello Kitty Guns - I Heart Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty Tank

This is more like Hell Kitty!  Who knew?

We just need to add Hello Kitty loving kids to the list of all of the things that are dangerous to our well-being.  We already know that MOM agrees, as he recently unveiled his plan for public safety to save us from our bad selves.

Terror: Children train with pistols

Yes, kids can be very, very dangerous.

Image source:  Hello Kitty Hell

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