Legislating effectively, one load at a time.


WOW, we have soooooooooo much to do during the 2013 Legislative Session.  We really need to get off our Asses and get to work screwing the citizens of Maryland moving Maryland Forward.  We have over 2,300 bills to consider in only 90 short days.  Just think of what we could do if we had a whole year!

We are the best state in the nation thanks to Martin O’Malley (MOM) at the helm.  Of all the Guvs across the fruited plain, MOM is in complete lockstep with our greatest American Idol!

Foward photo Forward.png

It’s a great day in the People’s Republic of Maryland

MOM sez that before we can begin, those stinkin’ Republicans need to clean up their Tea Party Obstructionist stench!  I just knew I smelled something.

a pile of donkey shit on grass Stock Photo - 7080747

I’ll take our effluvia any day over those stinkin tea bags

MOM sez that on the fiscal cliff, “I am hopeful that [Republicans] see that writing on the wall and will want to do [a deal] sooner rather than later in order to shed their sort of Tea Party obstructionist stench.”

They see the writing on the wall, all right. Many of those Republicans, but apparently not enough, love to look at this a lot…

Hey, that’s the paper we use in the bathroom. 

Because of our huge load, we are working to get our priorities really, really straight.  So, since so many people are unemployed, can’t afford health care, can’t afford their homes, can’t afford to feed their kids, and are now buying their clothes at the Dollar Store, we have decided to tackle gun control.

You tell ’em Jamie:

“No one has a right to a nuclear weapon. No one has a right to a tank and no one should have a right to military-style assault weapons and that’s the first thing that we need to do when we get back here is ban assault weapons on civil life,” said Senator Jamie Raskin.

Fill ‘er up quick, before they take away my tank.

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